Sega Master System

A Taiwan-based company is releasing a region-free DVD player that includes hundreds of classic games, all for a remarkably low price tag. Is it the deal of the year, or is it just piracy? Taiwanese company, Dulux DVD, has developed a DVD system that will play Sega Master System’s games. Dulux’s All In One DVD 2000 player is a single-disc, region-free DVD player that will also play MP3 recordings, CDs, VCD and CD-R/W. To top it all off, the DVD 2000 is a karaoke machine. Amazingly, the system retails for only $249 (US). The DVD 2000 has an enormous pile of features, but here at Daily Radar we were interested in only one, the promised ability to play Sega Master System games. Sonic the Hedgehog and Alien Syndrome would be at our disposal in all of their obviously pixilated ’80s goodness.

According to the website, the system will include over 700 games spread across just a few CDs. Each disc has seven pages of games with 50 games per page, making 350 games per disk. Choose the game, and it will install to the internal Sega Master System within a few minutes. According to the ad, game pads can be plugged into one of two COM ports on the DVD player. The games are classics and have their own appeal, but with S-video in and digital surround sound capability, one can expect the Sega Master System never looked or sounded so good. Sega, is one of the counterpart of Nintendo as far as gaming is concern. But the thing with the latter is that it has this Pokemon Omega Ruby on 3DS where you can download the rom. It is free and easy to use.

Look here for the impressive list of features on the DVD2000. Or check out a partial list of games here.

The publisher holds the rights to games, and not all of these games were published by Sega, bringing to doubt the legality of including the games on CD. To print them, Dulux would have had to contact each publisher independently, unless Sega Japan, or some other company, has already made agreements with all of the parties involved. Sega of America was not previously aware of the DVD 2000 system, and did not know of any agreement with Sega of Japan allowing the reprinting of Master System games. However, the company was not willing to discount the possibility that Sega Japan had made such a deal. Rest assured, Daily Radar is on the case. Should we find out how Dulux is bringing Sega Master System games to market, our loyal readers will be the first to know.