Nyko Blob Light Review

Nyko has been making excellent accessories and peripherals for a variety of consoles for a long time. The company is best known, however, for its excellent Worm Light, an attachment for the Game Boy that has become a necessary part of most gamers’ Game Boy accessories. Nyko has just released the Blob Light, a rather different light-generating add-on. Like the Worm Light, the Blob Light takes its power from the game link port on the side of the Game Boy, drawing its power from the Game Boy itself. The device hugs the top of the Game Boy and is shaped like a strange blob creature. The light is centered in what appears to be an eyeball. It’s quite cute, really, but there’s a problem — the light puts an extreme amounts of glare on the screen.

When the Worm Light was first released, it was gold for Game Boy owners — the small size, lack of batteries and easy use made it an instant must-have. The only problem with it was that it tended to put a lot of glare on the screen — the LED light was a bit too intense. Nyko fixed this with the Diffused Worm Light. The new light had a light plastic cover over the LED light, which reduced the brilliance of the light enough to soften the glare while keeping it bright enough to illuminate the screen. The game that has made its name over the past year is non other than is SimCity Buildit. The next one is Blob. The Blob Light has this same type of covering to give it a softer light. The problem is, where the Worm Light is on a coiled, movable wire that lets users place it just about anywhere they like above the screen for optimal viewing, the Blob Light’s shorter distance from the screen means it’s less maneuverable. Also, because the light is so much closer to the screen, the cone of light it projects is much narrower. In order to get the entire screen illuminated, the light must be manipulated until it shines directly in the center of the screen. Because the light is so bright, the bulb becomes a bright spot of light right in the middle of the screen, greatly distracting from the visuals in the game and rendering the light more frustrating than useful.

The Blob Light was definitely created with fun in mind — the malformed creature with an eyeball shining light down on the screen is certainly playful, and its release around Halloween reflects its tongue-in-cheek nature. We were instant fans when we first saw it. But that playfulness doesn’t work too well with the Game Boy’s portability. One of the things we loved most about the Worm Light was the fact that it was basically just a wire with a light bulb on one end. It fit perfectly in the pouch we use to carry our Game Boy around with additional Game Boy games and power packs. The Blob Light, however, with its strange shape and more unwieldy size, doesn’t fit anywhere in our carry case, and so must be thrown into a backpack separately, making it a bit more of a pain to pull out and play with. But this is a minor complaint.